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Man Seeking Woman скачать


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Man Seeking Woman скачать

I also agree to receive email newsletters, account updates, notifications and communications from other profiles, sent by dating. This website contains adult material, all members man Seeking Woman скачать persons appearing on this site have contractually represented to us that they are 18 years of age or older. Snowdrop — с английского языка переводится как подснежник или белоснежный.

После сказки на английском вы найдете ссылку на русскую версию сказки и видео ролик оригами — как сделать подснежник из бумаги. It was the middle of winter, when the broad flakes of snow were falling around, that the queen of a country many thousand miles off sat working at her window.

Man Seeking Woman скачать

The frame of the window was made of fine black ebony, and as she sat looking out upon the snow, she pricked her finger, and three drops of blood fell upon it. Would that my little daughter may be as white as that snow, as red as that blood, and as black as this ebony windowframe! Tell me, glass, tell me true!

Who is fairest, tell me, who? Thou, queen, art the fairest in all the land. But Snowdrop is lovelier far than thee! Take Snowdrop away into the wide wood, that I may never see her any more.

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  • I will not hurt you, thou pretty child.
  • In the evening she came to a cottage among the hills, and went in to rest, for her little feet would carry her no further.
  • By and by in came the masters of the cottage.

Now they were seven little dwarfs, that lived among the mountains, and скачать and searched for gold. They seeking up their seven lamps, man saw at woman that all was not right.

Who has been sitting on my stool? Who has been eating off my plate? Who has been picking my bread? Who has been meddling with my spoon?

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Man Seeking Woman скачать

Who has been handling my fork? Who has been cutting with man Seeking Woman скачать knife?

Who has been drinking my wine? Who has been lying on my bed? And the rest came running to him, and everyone cried out that somebody had been upon his bed.

Man Seeking Woman скачать

The queen will soon find out where you are, so take care and let no one in. Tell me, glass, tell me true! Who is fairest, tell me, who?

Is lovelier far, O queen! Snowdrop, as she ran down and unbolted the door. Let me lace them up with one of my nice new laces. Snowdrop’s breath was stopped, and she fell down as if she were dead. There’s an end to all thy beauty,’ said the spiteful queen, and went away home.

I need not say how grieved they were to see their faithful Snowdrop stretched out upon the ground, as if she was quite dead. Is lovelier far, O queen! I dare not let anyone in. Only look at my beautiful combs!

There you may lie,’ said the queen, and went her way. Snowdrop lying on the ground, they thought what had happened, and soon found the poisoned comb. Snowdrop shall die, if it cost me my life.


So she went by herself into her chamber, and got ready a poisoned apple: the outside looked very rosy and tempting, but whoever tasted it was sure to die. I dare not let anyone in, for the dwarfs have told me not. I will give it you.

I dare not take it. Do you think it is poisoned? I will eat the other.

Now the apple was so made up that one side was good, though the other side was poisoned. But she had scarcely put the piece into her mouth, when she fell down dead upon the ground. Thou, queen, art the fairest of all the fair.

And then her wicked heart was glad, and as happy as such a heart could be. When evening came, and the dwarfs had gone home, they found Snowdrop lying on the ground: no breath came from her lips, and they were afraid that she was quite dead.