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Law Breakers Task 1 Ответы


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PRACTICE OF LAW — Навчально-методичні матеріали «Going in for Law» з дисципліни «Англійська мова». Навчально-методичні матеріали «Going in for Law» з дисципліни «Англійська мова».

Суми : Сумський державний університет, 2013. Навчально-методичні матеріали «Going in for Law» з дисципліни «Англійська мова».

Суми : Сумський державний університет, 2013. Discuss with your partner what tradition of law has developed in our country. Exercise 1 Read the following text, find out the basic concepts of law.

Learn the new legal terms by heart. Why do we have laws and legal systems?

At one level, laws can be seen as a type of rule which governs behaviour between people. We can find these rules in nearly all social organizations, such as families and sports clubs. It is used to govern a society and to control the behaviour of its members.

In addition to 1, a body of law lawyers is needed breakers apply the law. Exercise ответы The following terms introduce you to the law and basic legal terminology. Read and translate the definitions. Match the terms below with definitions task follow and learn them by heart.

1 A country’s body of judges. 2 An act or acts passed by a law-making body.

6 An organization responsible for enforcing the law, especially the police. 7 A senior official in a court of law.

8 System of rules recognized by a community that are enforceable by established process. 9 Members of the legal profession.

10 To rule a society and control the behavior of its members. Exercise 3 Read the following text for obtaining information.

In order to understand why a particular country has a particular legal system, it is necessary to look at its history, political law Breakers Task 1 Ответы and social values. On the other hand, most of the law of Japan was developed within the last century. Each country in the world, even each state of the United States, has its own system of law.

However there are two main traditions of law in the world. The other tradition, sometimes known as Continental, or Roman law, has developed in most of continental Europe, Latin America and many countries in Asia and Africa, which have been strongly influenced by Europe. Continental law has also influenced Japan and several former socialist countries.

Exercise 4 Which is true? 1 A particular legal system is closely connected with the history, political structure, and social values of the country. 2 The legal system is fixed once and forever. 3 The law system is a universal thing.


4 Roman law has developed in the United States. 5 Japan, being isolated from the Continent, wasn’t influenced by any of the world traditions of law.

Exercise 5 Match legal terms with their Ukrainian equivalents. Use them for better translation of text C.